Embedded between nearby Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, the French-speaking city of Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves Lake Geneva. With its humanitarian tradition and cosmopolitan flair, the European seat of the UNO and headquarters of the Red Cross is known as the «capital of peace».


Jet d’Eau Fountain

The Jet d’Eau (French for Water Jet) is a fountain rising 140 meter in Lake Geneva. It is one of the City of Geneva’s landmarks.


The Reformation Wall

Built into the old city walls of Geneva, the Reformation Wall overlooks the Parc des Bastions. Just a stone’s throw from the magnificent Place de Neuve in an exceptionally beautiful setting, the major figures of the Protestant Reformation are depicted as giant statues and bas-reliefs.


Carouge – Italian Royal City near Geneva

Italy lies right next to Geneva… Even though it hasn’t been a royal Savoyard city for nearly 200 years, but belongs to Switzerland, the city of Carouge, which was designed by Italian architects, has retained its Latin charm to this day.


Geneva Watch Tour

The “Geneva Watch Tour” will give you the time in thousand and one ways and lead you to the shopping paradise of prestige horology. The Watch Tour offers a chance to visit the centre of Geneva while discovering the watch industry through around a hundred boutiques and a dozen historical monuments linked to Geneva’s watchmaking history. It also provides an opportunity to prepare a stay in the city by pinpointing ahead of time various selected brands with a view to making a purchase.


International Red Cross Museum

Emotion, discovery, reflection: the Museum offers you a unique opportunity to enter into the history of humanitarian action. Three separate areas, each developed by a well-known exhibition architect, allow you to explore three major challenges in today’s world: Defending human dignity, Restoring family links, Reducing natural risks. An interactive chronology unfurls 150 years of humanitarian history, while Current focus enables you to track Red Cross and Red Crescent operations right around the globe.



CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. It’s Globe of Science and Innovation symbolises CERN’s message to society in the fields of science, particle physics and cutting-edge technologies, and their applications in everyday life.  27 metres high and 40 metres in diameter, it’s about the size of the dome of Saint Peter’s in Rome! A unique visual landmark by day and by night, the Globe of Science and Innovation is a symbol of planet earth. It is CERN’s new outreach tool for its work in the fields of science, particle physics, leading-edge technologies and their applications in everyday life. On the ground floor , the ‘Universe of Particles’ exhibition takes the visitor on a journey deep into the world of particles and back to the Big Bang.


Headquarters of the UN in Europe

The office of the United Nations in Geneva is the European headquarters of the UN, the other headquarters being in New York. The building complex, called the Palais des Nations, houses the UN Human Rights Council as well as the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, among other agencies.  The Palais des Nations, the Völkerbund (League of Nations) Palace, is located in the midst of the Ariana Park, on the banks of Lake Geneva. The palace, which was built in the 1930s, was the main headquarters of the League of Nations (Völkerbund)  untill 1946.